LIGHTMAKERS is a global lighting design & consultancy working with architect, interior designer, landscaper architect and clients across Asia. We provide expertise in lighting techniques that enliven space and service the vision of our clients in any projects (Commercial, Residential and Hospitality).


We believe in enhancing the enjoyment of spaces through light. From the very beginning to the present day, this passion and understanding of the impact of light motivates us to create world-class luminaires and award-winning lighting designs with this ethos at the core.

We also participate intimately throughout lighting design concept to development and contribute embellishments with noble, valued materials that endure.

Our Team Philosophy

– Enhancing spaces through the power of light

– Lighting to make the exceptional to higher level

– Understated luminaries, inspiring effects

– Truly bespoke from concept to fitting and completion

Our Services

Lighting Consultancy

Lighting is an essential factor in operational energy in sustainable and regenerative development.

LIGHTMAKERS is a leading lighting design and consultant, and our design team is will be your best creative partners on projects of every kind and scale.

We approach and interact with interior space or exterior through lighting design experience to produce beautiful and sustainable lighting design at any scale or in any context.

Lighting & Lux Level Calculation Report

In calculations of lux level is to measure illuminance the amount of light that hits an area, for a particular surface. It is also to imagine a spherical surface area through which the light travels and use the point of interest as a point on the surface area.

With the potential to change how we perceive architecture and public space, our lighting teams are experts in designing and calculate the right lighting effects as required for interior and exterior as well as façade lighting.

To design and calculate the lighting that are both beautiful and healthy, setting realistic expectations while complying with stringent energy codes and environment friendly.

Custom Made Lighting

LIGHTMAKERS is one of the pioneer in custom made lighting peripherals in Malaysia. It is led by an experienced team of professionals in the lighting industry since 1986.

Custom light fixtures typically include requests for one or more of the following:

– Small tweaks (e.g. adding a switch on the back plate).
– Custom shades with your own fabrics.
– Modifications (e.g. reconfiguring a three-light chandelier into five lights).
– A fixture you love in a finish that it isn’t normally available in.
– Full-blown from original designs.