Bedroom Lighting Ideas to Transform Your Space

You know better than anyone that your bedroom is your safe space. Why not make it a beautiful space, too, by choosing the right lighting company in Malaysia to make it so?

Custom made lights don’t have to cost an arm or a leg, you simply need to know where to shop in order to offer you the bespoke savings you want, need and deserve.

When it comes to creating that beautiful safe space, here are some tips to help you make the most out of it.

Modern Bedroom Lighting Ideas
1. Combine Multiple Modes of Light

Most people make the mistake of going with a ceiling light or a table bound light. Do you know you can make it really homey by creating a full circle of light?

This comes from going with floor lighting, wall alighting and table lighting. Pick a combination of lighting methods that gives the homey and comfortable vibe you’ve been searching for.

2. Play Around with Recessed Lighting

Have you ever seen recessed lighting? You know the modern appeal that it offers. So, put it into place in your bedroom.

It’s most common over the bed or a reading nook or anywhere else where you want to spend a lot of well-lit time. You can do for custom made lights, or just rely on the proper placement as recommended by experts.

3. Really Make Use of the Walls

Wall light design is often forgone, but it really is a powerful place to add some light and depth to the room.

You can find a variety of options that will give you wall lighting to add depth to your bedroom and also save you some space while you’re at it (particularly useful in compact rooms).

4. Focus on Colour and Metal Tone

You’ll find standard options, but you can also explore so-called “clashing tones” when you go to a lighting company in Malaysia that knows how to do it right.

Be bold with a black base that relies on gold accent pieces. Or, enjoy a bold colour lampshade with a pattern.

Clash the colour of the shade with the metal tone of the fixture. It’s all there for you to enjoy and explore in order to create the right welcoming area to curl up in on a daily basis.

You’ll also be able to talk to the experts about how to put your own personality into these modern and bespoke options.

5. Blend It Into The Design

Lastly, you can also take a look at blending it into the design of the room.

Whether that’s through colour matching wall light design shops, or through the idea of blending it into the theme, it’s all about what you determine to be best.

While going bold with fixtures is great, as mentioned above, you may want to take the opposite approach when you’ve got a small space or a “loud” bedroom design where you want to let the attitude do the talking for itself and simply enjoy a warm and welcoming light that blends right in.

One of the most exciting things about choosing or updating your bedroom lighting is that it really is all about what is going to create the right welcoming space.

Since you spend a lot of time in here relaxing and decompressing from a long and hard day, it should be a space that is personalized to your needs and preferences from one detail to the next.

Whether you want bold and exciting or refined and delicate, the end choice is going to be what makes you feel the most at home.

To find out more, contact our professional lighting specialist.

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