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10 Cost-effective Ways to Brighten a Dark Room

It can be a bit tricky trying to brighten a dark room, especially when you are moving to a new place. Things can get even more challenging if there are no big windows in your new room.

Thankfully, there are some simple and cost-effective ways you can decorate your room to make it brighter.

Here are some fantastic ideas to make any dark bedroom, kitchen, or living room brighter.

1. Place Mirrors Close to Light Sources

The use of mirrors to increase visual space and brighten a dark room is an age-old suggestion. When you do this, ensure that the mirror is ideally located near a light source.

A giant wall or floor mirror near a window, for example, may indeed intensify natural lighting. To have a similar effect, especially when there’s no way to get natural sunlight, place table lamps, or a floor lamp next to a mirror.

Ensure that the lamp emits ambient lighting for the best effect so that it is not too bright when reflected from the mirror.

2. Fairy Lights, Lamps, and Other Sources of Ambient Light

Try decorating your room with some long fairy light lines, a group of large candles, orb lights, or other ambient lights if you’re looking to add just a touch of more light without overdoing the luminosity of your room.

They not only deliver the right touch of luminosity, but they also add beauty and a therapeutic feeling. They will be great for your home as long as they have a warm, yellow light.

3. Choose Lighter Colours or Transparent Furniture

We usually choose our furniture based on personal preferences and what we think will go well together. What we don’t think about is how our furniture choices will impact our home’s level of lighting.

Using a big, grey, or navy blue sofa in a dark room is probably not the best idea. A sleek sofa such as white, beige, ivory, or a lighter colour, will make your space look and feel more spacious. More specifically, avoid tables made of walnut wood, bed frames, or TV stands.

Consider anything like a transparent coffee table made of acrylic instead.

4. Cover Floors with Big, Bright Rug Areas

Treating your bare floors to a lightly coloured rug will brighten your room. This will not only add some softness and texture to your floors but will make your floor glow as well.

This will be useful if you have dark floorboards in your dim room. You can opt for white/ivory, yellow, or some warmer hue combinations when selecting a colour for your rug.

5. Paint Your Walls White

This is probably listed in every decor guide you can find. It’s because it’s true. White walls are the best solution to brighten up a dark room.

White walls send light bouncing around the room, reflect on other surfaces, and make the room appear much larger than it is.

If you think white is too boring, consider adding ornamental trimmings to the ceilings or paint one side of the wall with a refreshing colour for some diversity.

6. Deep Clean the Windows

This is a simple tip that is often ignored. A room with stained windows will feel dirty, like wearing glasses with smudges on them, thereby reducing visibility.

Get a suitable cleaning agent for the glass and wash the windows inside and out. You will enjoy the feeling of freshness that comes with it instantly and be surprised at how much natural light will flood your room.

Therefore, take advantage of any available window in your room and make sure they are deep-cleaned as often as possible.

7. Use Light Beige or Gray Curtains

Simplify your window treatments by using light-coloured curtains on both sides of your windows. You can opt for blackout curtains or light drapes; however, ensure that the colour has some shade of beige or light grey hue.

8. Choose Minimalist, Low-to-ground Furnishings

Filling an already-dim space with bulky furniture will cast more shadows, resulting in a room that looks even darker.

Be sure to purchase a minimalist furniture that is low to the ground to prevent this. Leave enough space between pieces of furniture; the empty areas offer themselves to lighting opportunities.

9. Use Less Wall Decorations

Trying to do too much with wall decor is a common error among new designers. As long as a space struggles with illumination, even though you live in a mansion, the walls should be as bare as possible so that all the light can be reflected.

A single sizeable dark wall painting or a series of photographs may obstruct your attempts to brighten the room.

10. Target Your Lights on the Ceiling or Walls

Try to illuminate the walls or ceiling instead of merely pointing your lights in every direction. This can be achieved with a floor lamp with a wall sconce or torchiere.

You infuse every corner of the room with a warm glow when you wash the walls/ceiling with light, making it feel cosy and spacious.

In a Nutshell

Finally, If you have any window at all, give enough space for sunlight to stream through. Do not align-items like bookshelves parallel to windows; instead, go perpendicular.

If it’s necessary, install more lights. If you require professional consultation regarding lighting for your premises in Malaysia, feel free to get in touch with Lightmakers, your friendly lighting shop in Malaysia.

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KLGCC SALES GALLERY Dining room lighting
10 Cost-effective Ways to Brighten a Dark Room