How to Get The Right Lighting for Your Children’s Room

Most of us take lighting for granted as it is seen as common household items like furniture. We never thought about the comfort, function, safety, and ambience it brings to our rooms.

In fact, the right lighting can make all the difference. Have you thought about what lighting is right for your children’s room?

Whether you want to protect your newborn’s eyes or scare off the ‘monsters’ in your toddler’s bedroom, this blog post will show you how to get the right lighting in Malaysia for your children’s room.

a. Newborns’ Bedroom Lighting

When your newborn is about to join the family, the last thing you’d probably think about is the lighting in her room. However, one thing to remember is to avoid using harsh lighting in your newborn’s bedroom. Harsh lights will over-stimulate and can harm your baby’s sensitive eyes.

Soft lights can minimize the contrast of light and dark allowing your newborn’s eyes to rest. So, avoid exposed lightbulbs and halogens. Instead, opt for shaded fixtures and diffused light. Installing dimmer lights will also create an atmosphere for playing, nursing, and sleeping.

Additionally, installing multiple fixtures such as a ceiling light, standing lamp, and table lamp will give your newborn’s bedroom the right amount of light. However, you should always remember to keep the light dim.

b. Kids’ Bedroom Lighting

The most important thing to consider when it comes to your kid’s room is safety. Therefore, choose lighting fixtures that are unbreakable, like wood or plastic. Avoiding breakable fixtures like glass helps to prevent any unfortunate disaster.

Moreover, if your kid is prone to accidents, ensure that you secure loose cords to the floor, wall, or leg of the table.

Make your child feel safe by placing a comforting light, for example, a fun colour-changing light of his favourite cartoon character, close to his bed if he’s scared of the ‘monsters.’

Install ceiling lights in your kid’s room to add an aesthetic appeal to the space. You could create a theme for activities he’s interested in. For example, hanging drums if he’s into drums or soccer lighting fixtures if he’s into soccer.

c. Bedroom Lighting Ideas for Teenagers

In lighting a teenager’s room, it’s crucial to carefully think about the kind of lighting that will best serve their needs. Think about how much time your teen studies, watches TV, and engages the activities they find interesting.

When it comes to bedroom lighting for teenagers, add layers of lighting that they can easily adjust to their liking. For example, recessed lighting, a chandelier, and table lamps for reading and schoolwork. Think about hanging lights on each side of the bed to serve as a bedside light.

Tables or areas where your teenage son or daughter studies or does his or her assignments will require task lights such as a table lamp or floor lamp. Floor lamps are great for lighting dark corners for reading and writing. Table lighting is also great for decoration. They add personality to the space.

Tips: Remember to make room for some natural light, especially during the day. Moreover, creating the right ambience at night can help the kids have a restful sleep.

Choose gentle lighting that creates a cosy atmosphere. Dimmable lightings can do the trick.

If you’re into technology, you could use LED smart lights controlled and automated through wireless technology.

In a Nutshell


choosing the right lighting for your children’s room shouldn’t be so difficult. In the end, there’s no wrong or correct way to select a lighting option.

If you aren’t sure about picking the right lighting fixtures, visit Lightmakers, your professional lighting shop in Malaysia for various lighting solutions, including decorative lights.

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