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lighting colour can affect emotion

by Lightmakers

How Lightings Can Affect Your Emotion

Most people don’t seem to pay attention to how lighting can affect their emotions.

For example, do you notice how you feel less enthusiastic and drowsy on a cloudy day, but highly motivated and energetic on a sunny day?
That’s your body reacting to the psychological effects of the lighting to which it is exposed.

However, the way we feel and respond to lights go beyond the natural light sources. The kind of lights we have in our home and offices also play a massive role in the way our body reacts, emotionally, which in turn affects our mood, energy, and creativity.

We advise you to talk to Lightmakers, your lighting consultant in Malaysia before deciding on the type of lighting and fixtures to install in your home or office.

Now, let’s look at practical examples and studies that prove how lighting can affect your emotions.

1. Heighten Emotions

Imagine what happens in the movies and real-life in an interrogation scene. A cop walks into the interrogation room and shines a bright light in the suspect’s face.

It is because it has been proven in a research by Science Direct that strong, bright lights can heighten our emotions – both positive and negative emotions.

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2. Affect Our Appetite

Think of the lighting in a high-end restaurant and the lighting in a fast food joint. The dim lights of the high-end restaurant create a more relaxed scenario than the bright lights of a fast food joint.

The dim lights of the high-end restaurant will make you eat slower while the brightly lit restaurant might make you eat unhealthy foods because you’re happier.

Also, the bright lights tend to make you eat faster as opposed to the dimly lit restaurant that relaxes you.

A study also revealed that light also affects how we taste food and drinks. The report showed that a group of people liked a particular type of wine because of the way different lighting affected its colour.

3. Uplift the Mood

Lighting doesn’t only mean the fixtures in our homes and offices. Getting some sunlight during the day can also affect how we feel for the rest of the day.

A study published in 2014 revealed people with more windows in their office got good sleep and exercised more than people with no window.

It was concluded that exposing the body to natural lights helps the body to stick to its natural circadian rhythm, making us feel more energetic and alert.

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4. Harsh, Unhealthy Lighting Can Result In Headaches and Migraines

Extended exposure to harsh light in the office and at home can cause headaches and migraines. That discomfort can affect your motivation and productivity, which will, in turn, change how you feel for the rest of the day.

If you suffer these effects after exposure to certain lightings, visit Lightmakers, your lighting manufacturer in Malaysia, and consider installing custom made lights to mitigate these effects.

5. Lighting can cause drowsiness and tiredness

Sometimes we get quickly tired and drowsy while working at home or the office (away from home). While a lot of other factors can result in tiredness and drowsiness, consider changing the light source in your workspace. Especially if you have tackled all the other factors, and the symptoms continue.

Letting in some natural light will not only help your eyesight, but it will also improve your mood and boost your energy levels.

An improved mood and high energy levels will translate into a happy state, which means you’ll be more motivated during work.

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Now that you know how our lighting can affect us emotionally, you should also know that the amount and wavelength also have different functions and effects upon the brain, including regulating how we feel and think.

It means that simple adjustments in your home or office lighting can make a difference in how you feel and think. Talk to us. We at Lightmakers will be more than happy to help you determine the best light (including its amount and wavelength) for your home and office to keep you in a healthy emotional state.

If you have more questions, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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lighting colour can affect emotion
How Lightings Can Affect Your Emotion