How to Make Your Hotel Lighting Feel More Luxurious?

The age-long saying, “the first impression matters a lot”, is especially true for the hospitality industry. As a hotel owner or designer, to create a memorable first impression for your guests, one crucial area to focus on is creating well-designed, luxurious lightings.

Poorly-lit lobbies and rooms can instantly ruin the appeal of your hotel in the mind of your guests since that’s one of the first things they will notice. Lighting is a make or break situation for the success of your business.

A luxurious hotel lighting serves two purposes: Functionality and Style. Therefore, a perfectly-lit and decorated lobby and rooms will promote a warm feeling among your guests, as well as create a free and modern ambience.

But to create such an atmosphere, you need to know how to illuminate the interior of your hotel effectively.

In this article, you will learn ways to make your hotel lighting feel more luxurious. You will learn about different types of lighting, including custom made lights, and ideas on how to style the interior.

1. Put Yourself in Your Guests’ Shoes

To create a luxurious feel for your hotel, you need to get in the mind of your visitors. What do you expect to see when you step into a hotel? Thankfully, there’s a lot you can experiment with luxury hotel lightings regarding brightness and colour temperature.

Even though brightly-lit lobbies and rooms can instantly promote the ambience, it can also become a harsh mood spoiler. Therefore, adjust the brightness of your lights in a way that makes everything visible without tormenting the eyes of your guests.

To create a homely ambience, adjust the colour temperature to warmer lights. To achieve this, replace blue or white lights with warm, yellow lightings. Using an appropriate balance of yellow and white lights instantly creates a luxurious and homely feel.

2. Highlight the Points of Attraction

When trying to incorporate the right design, focus on the areas that require additional lighting. For instance, the lobby is a central point of attraction, with a check-in desk around the corner.

Such an area needs to be well lit so that your guests automatically know where to check-in. The bright lights around the check-in area and lobby are also vital for reading and signing checks or receipts.

If you have a seating arrangement in the lobby for your guests, provide some table lamps for them to lounge and read while they wait.

3. Use Contemporary Lighting Design

The goal of hospitality lighting is to make your guests feel welcome and relaxed. Therefore, your lighting fixtures need to be styled in such a way that provides comfort from the day’s stress.

To make your hotel feel luxurious, do away with the traditional lighting designs. With the help of a lighting manufacturer in Malaysia or a lighting consultant, such as Lightmakers, you can find ways of introducing modern lighting designs in your lobby and rooms, like the hanging bulbs, modern chandeliers, wall lights, etc.

Lighting Effects to Make Your Hotel Feel Luxurious

The downlighting effect is essential in creating a luxurious feel. However, it usually cast unflattering shadows, and therefore, must be counterbalanced using adequate ambient lighting.


The uplighting effect is like a softer version of the downlighting effect as it indirectly introduces light into the room by having it bounce off the ceiling and reflect into the room. Introducing the uplighting effect can immediately give your hotel a luxurious feel.

Wall Grazing

This involves intentionally placing your lighting close to a surface to illuminate, effectively highlighting its texture.


This effect is mainly for task and accent lighting used to highlight a particular feature in your lobby or rooms, such as furniture, painting, or craft.

Luxury hotels do not have a poorly-lit environment. From the lobby to the balcony, rooms and bathrooms, they are beautified with lighting fixtures to create different moods.

Consider the services of a lighting manufacturer in Malaysia or consult a lighting specialist, such as Lightmakers to help you achieve the best result in making your hotel feel luxurious using modern lighting fixtures and effects. For more information, feel free to get in touch with us.

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