The Importance of Lighting for the Home

Lighting plays a crucial role in setting the theme of your home. Whether it is custom-made lights or natural lights. It is important to have lots of it or just enough to set the theme of your home.

Most people focus a lot more on furniture, carpentry, and walls when decorating their home. For them, lighting only come as an afterthought.

Nonetheless, whether the lighting comes as an afterthought or sits right at the top of your priority list, the power of good lighting plays an important part for your home.

The truth is that even if you are not aware of it on a conscious level, small windows, dark hallways, and dimmed lights always radiate a negative feeling on your mood.

Therefore, when decorating your home, see a lighting consultant, such as Lightmakers to help figure out the best lighting options for the different spaces in your home.

With that being said, let’s look at some useful lighting tips for your home.

1. Natural lighting is very important

When investing in a home, look out for one with large windows and lots of natural light. However, if you already live in a home with small windows, look for ways to compensate for this.

What to do: Place mirrors on walls opposite the windows. This will reflect daylight and help create a brighter home. Or you could just invest in custom-made lights in that area of your home in need of more light.

2. Complement your lighting with your furniture style

If your home is all about classic, traditional decorations, go for the old-fashioned chandeliers or lamps designed in a simple reduced way.

If your home is all about modern decorations, use elaborate, ornate lamps and wall sconces.

3. Table lamps and overhead lights

Table lamps and overhead lights are great for study rooms and also for reading desks in the rooms. These types of light can also be placed in the children’s room where they will be doing their homework.

Now let’s look at the importance of lighting for the home.

a) Utilizing color

Lighting can easily add or subtract from the overall color of a room or from only those surfaces the light is meant to enhance.

Lightmakers is a leading lighting shop in Malaysia that offers you a wide range of lighting options to choose from to help enhance the color of your home.

b) Setting the mood

The lighting in a room can either be used for providing illumination for the entire room or can be used to highlight specific decors such as a wall painting, furniture, etc.

Track lighting is a good example. It is hung from a ceiling, and the adjustable neck and lamps can be pointed at those special decors you intend to highlight.

c) Adding ambience

Another importance of lighting is its functionality. Lighting has to serve a purpose or it is just a waste of electricity.

Wall lights add length and size to an entryway hall, as well as light the way. Decorative lights will also help to promote the ambience of your home.
d) Improve spaciousness

Natural, as well as man-made lighting, helps with the illusion of space. If a room is too dark, it will feel cramped. Find ways to bring in more natural or man-made light.


Now that you know the importance of lighting for your home, pay a visit to Lightmakers, your lighting specialist in Malaysia and get advice on the lights that accentuate the theme of your home.

We know choosing the right type of light for different spaces in your home can be challenging. Feel free to get in touch with us at if you need any sort of assistance.

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