Our nucleus product is the cutting-edge e-Parksensor Parking Guidance System, an indigenous cars parking guidance technology designed and built in Malaysia. This ingenious system is sequel to tenacious research and development in parking sensors technology and innovative electronic design application.

The fundamental of our parking guidance system are the sophisticated ultrasonic sensors installed above each parking bay that detect its occupancy and indicate the real-time status with LED indicator positioned at parking bay front. The ultrasonic sound waves are also transmitted to the Variable Digital Display to show available parking lots and direct drivers to them.

Our state of the art system is centered on the interactive and versatile lines networks:

  • Self-contained Sensor Lines integrating ultrasonic sensors, LED indicators, cables and metal pipings connected to stand-alone Line Master.
  • Line Master monitors up to 64 packing bays data and linked to the multipurpose Gateway Master.
  • Gateway Master manages the whole system and also transmit input to Variable Digital Display.
  • Gateway Master is also designed to transmit data to other ends, i.e. parking management software, building fire-fighting system, cars park security monitoring system and cars park ventilation management software.

Our software engineers can also integrate vehicles surveillance or location mechanism to the parking guidance system.