8 Stylish Ways to Use Wall Light

Wall lights can be used to suit your specific needs, whether you’re looking for attractive fixtures to match your furniture or need something elegant to illuminate a particular side table or favourite reading chair.

The best addition to every room is wall lighting. It is a brilliant way to make your space feel more welcoming and complete and crucial to every layered lighting scheme.

While maintaining a friendly environment, wall lighting can also make your space feel lighter and bigger. Wall-mounted fixtures complement overhead light sources and provide something extra that helps to highlight special decor.

Installing a wall fixture is a perfect way to make a house feel like a home, practically.

There are several wall light designs in Malaysia you can choose to light up your room and make a statement.

Here are 8 stylish ways to use wall lighting in Malaysia.

1. Position an Adjustable Wall-Mounted Light

Wall fixtures can be great lighting for the living room, especially if you read in that area. Think outside the box; it doesn’t just have to be the traditional downlight.

If you have a wall-cabinet-free area, you can use the space and mount an adjustable wall-mounted light to help complete tasks easily.

2. Consider Placement

When it comes to lighting, placement is crucial, particularly in the living room. You will probably use the living room throughout the day, so it’s vital to imitate natural light with well-placed wall lighting choices.

Once it’s dark outside, wall lighting can help replace and imitate the glare, giving the space a familiar atmospheric feel to that of daylight.

3. Light Up an Unused Space

Lighting empty spaces is a perfect way to create an atmospheric scheme. The space between your sofa and the wall, the space behind the log basket or the empty bay window are areas that can be illuminated with wall lights to bring your room to life.

Lighting that is smooth and diffused is perfect for these areas. So consider a semi-translucent shade that produces a gentle, warm glow.

4. Take a Directional Approach

With fixed lights, wall lighting is a smart means of providing a more directional solution. A fantastic feature in open-plan living spaces would be selecting wall lighting with adjustable rams that help you focus pools of light just where you want them to shine.

Due to the lights’ placement, pointing poignantly towards a piece of furniture, you instinctively realize where the point of focus is even though the lights are not on.

5. Consider a SWING-ARM LIGHT

Negate the need for bright, blinding light with an adjustable wall light, suitable to create a cosy space for bingeing with the family on a box set.

Swing-arm wall lights, placed on an empty wall, can be set to the right position for reading or working, bringing interest and intrigue to the room.

6. Use Wall Lighting for a Small Living Room

Wall-mounted lights in small, low-ceilinged rooms are excellent space-savers and are perfect for creating a clean, boutique look.

7. Banish The Pendant

You can remove the overpowering light hanging from the centre of your room and go for wall lighting that can be conveniently tailored to various moods and events.

Depending on your space’s size, this suggests a combination of swing-arm fixtures and a few statements or discrete wall lamps.

8. Invest in Flattering Wall Downlights

A simple way to bring more light into your room, and increase the ambience, is to place a light fixture on the wall.

Wall lights normally give a flattering glow and are suitable for an exciting evening spot or showcase a much-loved piece of artwork.

In a Nutshell

Finally, consider the amount of light from other sources, including natural light, when selecting the type, and work out how much light you need your wall fixtures to produce.

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