Utilizing Pendant Lights

When you’ve got a space to light up, you’ll want to take your time when considering lighting design in Malaysia. You want to ensure that you are checking things carefully as far as the options available and the atmosphere of the space that you’re creating from one detail to the next.

Are you aware of how to properly utilize pendant lights? Do you know where they’re most effective? Here are some details to keep in mind.

1. Create bright focused light in work areas

First and foremost, as any lighting manufacturer in Malaysia will tell you, they are great for adding on-demand light to a workspace. If you live in a space with high ceilings or low natural light (or both), getting focused bright light where you need it can be difficult.

Pendant lights are bright, focused and can be installed at lower heights to offer you light where and when you want it. Have a work area that just isn’t properly lit? Pendant lights will help you create that space.

2. Enjoy them as a focal point in the room

Another detail when it comes to lighting design is that the actual lighting fixtures could be the focal point of the room. When you have a nondescript space that needs a little pop of colour or presence, the pendant lighting — classic or modern — could be what you need to draw the eye and also be conveniently adding light while you’re at it.

This is also why talking with a lighting consultant, such as Lightmakers is going to be so important in your selection process. Not sure if you are getting the right look for your space? Let them help you with it.

3. Create a presence in the entryway

Welcoming people into your space can be tricky to get right. Rely on a cluster of pendant lights in your entryway and enjoy the bright, warm light that they offer. Not only does this give you an alternative to a chandelier, but it also is going to help create a presence in a normally understated room.

4. Explore classic and modern styles

A fun detail with shopping with high-end options for lighting manufacturers in Malaysia is that you’ll be able to find a variety of styles. You can go classic with the metal detailing. You can go wonder with sharp lines and mini, adjustable lighting.

You can go for mood lighting with dimmer switches. The list goes on and your options on how you want to use the actual pendant lighting fixtures themselves will be longer and more exciting as well. From focused workspaces to general lighting to presence creation, it’s all available with any kind of pendant lighting that you can find out there.

5. Consult a specialist

When you want to know for sure that you are making the right choice, a lighting specialist is always going to be the best way to go. They’re experienced in the world of lighting and they’ll be able to help you make your space pop.

For a better experience, please bring in photos of your space. This can help them really get a sense for what you’re looking to create.


Your home is precious to you and you want to make sure that you are making the most out of it with proper advice on lighting.

Pendant lights will give you ultimate control and enjoyment out of that space and you’ll be able to finish off your look and feel with the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve got the best advice there to help you make it a modern and enjoyable space from top to bottom.

All that’s left now is to see a specialist near you, such as Lightmakers and enjoy the experience of better lighting.

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