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energy efficient lighting

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Why Should You Start Using Energy Efficient Lighting?

With the ever-increasing rise in energy costs and the increased pressure on organizations to reduce their carbon footprint, now more than ever is a time to think about energy-efficient solutions. One of the most productive areas where we can save some energy is lighting.

Energy-efficient lighting has two significant benefits:

    • Reduces the carbon footprints of our homes and businesses on the environment
    • Reduces our home energy

Lighting is a significant source of energy consumption, and in many homes, light makes up about 10-15% of the electricity bills. The heat produced by our office and home fixtures are harmful to the planet.

Therefore, by switching to energy-efficient light bulbs, the negative effect is minimized considerably, along with the electricity bills.

How did energy-efficient lighting gain popularity?

Energy-efficient lighting is necessary to solve major issues such as power shortage.

Years back, it was noticed that energy shortage would be a huge issue. Energy shortage took place and the cost of using power even increased.

Due to the increase in electricity rates, many companies, especially factories and manufacturers, came to an end. This was because they were not able to cope with the rise in energy prices.

Lighting consultants have, in recent times, said that the energy used for electricity and to light up the home is terrible for the environment because of the carbon dioxide emissions it gives off, therefore causing climate problems. The way to help solve this problem is by switching to energy-saving bulbs.

Admittedly, energy-saving bulbs are more expensive, but when you take into account how much you will save over a year, it will work out as being more cost-effective. Lighting shops and manufacturers in Malaysia, such as Lightmakers often recommend good energy-saving bulbs that suit different locations.

There are two main types of energy-efficient lights or blubs.

  • Compact fluorescent lamps (CFL)
  • Light Emitting Diode (LED) lamps

At Homes

Within our homes, we need energy in the form of lighting for a multitude of tasks. However, if we do not ensure that we are using the correct measures to ensure that our energy is being used appropriately, we could be wasting a considerable portion of our energy, making our home and work environment energy inefficient.

Good quality living is a combination of all the right components in your house into one remarkable setup. One of the essential components that surely make for home improvement is the lighting aspect of your home.

In incandescent lamps, 90 per cent of the electricity is wasted as heat rather than light, and also 3-5 times more power is consumed.

Changing these bulbs in your home to energy-saving bulbs gives you an efficient energy lighting system.

At Restaurants

Similar to how lighting can set the mood, lighting also can increase restaurant sales. By properly setting the mood, lights influence customers to enjoy an extended dining experience, which can hopefully cause a bigger order too.

Proper lighting also can help sell products by making the food look more appealing. For better effect, energy-efficient lighting should be placed in areas where it can make bar and food items more noticeable.

In Offices

Businesses have long taken an energy-efficient approach to lighting, using fluorescent lighting in their office spaces. However, in the last ten years, lighting has changed so much that a lot of the layout for lighting used in office spaces has become out of date.

If you own an office whose lighting hasn’t been upgraded in years, chances are you’re spending more to light your building. Interior lighting alone accounts for roughly 60% of a commercial building’s energy use, and exterior lighting can significantly add to that percentage, depending on your building’s size and exterior illumination needs.

Lighting companies and manufacturers in Malaysia, such as Lightmakers, have the best design and expertise for wall light design, decorative light, and general lighting for your homes, offices, and businesses. If you need professional guidance on how you should start using energy-efficient lighting, please feel free to get in touch with our friendly consultants.

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energy efficient lighting
Why Should You Start Using Energy Efficient Lighting?